You are entrusting your most precious possession to our care, education, and guidance. We do our very best to prove worthy of that trust at our day care. We are delighted to create a happy, healthy, nurturing and loving environment for your child. Every aspect of our pre-ones room is designed to enhance and develop the natural learning ability of your precious little one. Our learning program is individually designed to challenge your child. All children are placed according to age and ability. They even get promotions!

The Pre-Ones child care program at Mary Sears encompasses various stages of development; emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically. A pre-one child is beginning to pull themselves up and try walking. They have physically moved into a different plane past crawling. They have a new perspective and can move by themselves. They are challenged intellectually (visual perception and gross motor skills) and are very excited to be able to visualize an object. It’s a new perspective in their little world!

At Mary Sears Children’s Academy, we meet the total needs of your pre-one on an individual basis. We provide daily progress reports to keep the lines of communication open and provide each parent with an update of your child’s daily accomplishments and routine.

The Pre-Ones program is available at all locations: Chicago, Joliet, Lockport, Manhattan, Manteno, New Lenox and Orland Park.

Program Highlights

Learning:   The alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors; these four areas of learning are presented daily in our learning programs. This will increase your pre-one’s knowledge, create awareness, and stimulate the brain to help them learn, grow, and change according to their own ability. All learning materials in the room are disinfected twice daily for sanitary purposes.

Books:   Our pre-ones are read to daily and they love the visual stimulation. We present stories by puppetry, big pictures, and other media that stimulate your infant’s interest. Readers are leaders, and pre-reading skills can begin now! From the very beginning you can instill in your pre-one a love for learning.

Music:   Children love music and our program is very musically oriented. We are singing, laughing, playing musical instruments, and singing Mary Sears Songs throughout the day. Music is enjoyable and a big part of our day. Children love the sound of the musical instruments (bells, tambourines, piano, xylophone, drums, etc.). We even have our very own Mary Sears Marching Band!

Exercise:   Exercising stimulates the body and core muscles. It strengthens bones, creates energy, and promotes mental awareness. This cognitively creates a desire to learn and an excitement with their communicative skills.

Balls:   Pre-ones love to touch and watch the ball move and go after it. Balls are colorful, come in different shapes, have sound, are musical, and the great big ones are used for stretching the child’s core during gymnastics. They are phenomenal. These excellent gross motor skills are performed daily to strengthen muscles used for walking.

Mirrors:   We work with each pre-one in front of the mirror; they love to view themselves, laugh, and smile. Our floors are heated, so your baby can creep, crawl, roll and have fun in a safe, clean, and sanitary environment

Feedings:   At 7 months the school provides puréed food and a sippy cup for drinking. At this point, parents do not need to send any food to school. Your infant will have the taste of table food and the texture of baby food. At 10 to 12 months, depending on each child, table food is introduced. Communication with the Director determines the next step.

Nutrition:   Nutrition is key in a child’s growth. We want to build strong bodies, minds, and stimulate mental awareness. We introduce whole nutritional foods daily, including protein (meat), vegetables (raw and cooked), fruits (a variety), grains (breads, pasta, and rice), and dairy (milk /milk products). All meals are home-cooked, nutritious and delicious at our day care/academy.

Cribs:   Each pre-one has their own crib, labeled with their name, three sets of sheets, and their own blanket. Each child has their own basket of materials under their crib including books, musical instruments, interlocking items, rattles, etc. These are not shared with any other children.


300 Caterpillar Dr.
Joliet, IL 60435
Phone: 815-725-7633


775 W. Cook St.
Manteno, IL 60950
Phone: 815-468-1144

Orland Park

16807 S. 108th Ave
Orland Park, IL 60467
Phone: 708-460-4414


16151 South Farrell Rd.
Lockport, IL 60441
Phone: 815-552-3582

In accordance with Federal law and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

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